Horse riding

Horse riding offer

„Anyone can learn to ride a horse, but riding in harmony with a horse is an art”.

(quote by Wilhelm Muesseler).


For us, riding is not the art of staying in the saddle, but building a bond with the horse.

We build this bond on mutual trust, rejecting force and compulsion. Horses will never lie to us – they can’t, so they demand honesty from us.

Starting the adventure with horse riding we allow the horse to become our teacher. We combine classical riding with elements of the Western school.

Our horses walk freely on the pastures all year round, only during the vacations, when they have more work, they spend time in the stable. They are not jumping horses, nor dressage horses. They are used to work on a long rein, without a bit (currently only two horses walk with a bit), they are led from the rider’s saddle and calves. Usually, after three lessons people who are not used to such communication begin to have a clear contact with the horse.

Horses feel best when ridden outdoors, so we organize daily trips. Our ranch is located in the middle of the forest, by the lake, so during such trips there will be plenty of water crossings, winding forest paths and amazing views.

We provide rides for all levels. The children use appropriate equipment and toys while learning. They are enthralled by learning through play.

We also introduce elements that allow and teach proper handling of a horse. The grooming is performed in the stable in the evenings. Everyone can participate in it.


Out of concern for the physical fitness and health of our horses, together with the veterinarian we decided that the weight of the rider cannot exceed 85 kg. Of course, with smaller horses, the weight of the rider must be proportionally lower. We mount our horses from a raised platform. It is obligatory to wear your own or the stable helmet.


We invite everyone who would like to learn how to be responsible for themselves, their horse, others, and for their own behavior in a group.

Horseback riding in the area  100zl/hour

Horseback riding in a forest  100zl/hour

Horseback riding on lunge 70 zł/30min