The Pyramid in Rapa

The Pyramid in Rapa

Based on the models of Egyptian giants, the pyramid in Rapa doesn’t have equally impressive size (its height is 16m) but it preserved all the proportions and properties of its Egyptian sisters.

It is a reult of the fascination of the baron Friedrich von Fahrenheid by the wonders of the Nile and it served as the family vault. It is worth mentioning that the Fahrenheids were very wealthy ; they especially liked travelling and art and that’s why they were in possession of an impressive collection of paintings.

The beautiful Palace in Bejduny aslo belonged to them (today it is the area of Kaliningrad Region). The Pyramid was erected in the beginning of the XIX century, not far from their family home.

This place was chosen with observing the rules of water divining- the radiation is particularly strong and unfavarouble here.

The point is called a local place of power and a positive energy from the Earth and Space is supposed to concenrate here. In fact, the dead bodies buried there were embalmed. If there was a comparison of this Pyramid made with the Cheops Pyramid, one can notice that the attempt was made to preserve an identical slope angle of the interior wall towards the base, that is 51 degrees.